Allergy and Asthma Consultants  

Dr. Holbreich and his staff provide an expert evaluation for you or your child. Our nursing staff is highly trained and provides a caring environment, comprehensive teaching and continuity of care. Dr. Holbreich trained at the National Jewish Hospital in Denver, the nations number one ranked hospital for the care of respiratory problems. Dr. Holbreich has over 20 years of experience in the diagnosis and management of complex asthma and allergies. He is listed in Best Doctors in America


Dr. Mark Holbreich and his staff provide comprehensive evaluation of a wide variety of allergic promblems. These include allergic rhinitis (HayFever),chronic sinisitis, hives, drug allergy,food allergy,eosinophilic esophagitis, eczema, insect reactions and asthma in children and adults.

Strive for Excellence in Allergy and Asthma Care

  • high quality outcomes
  • cost effective care
  • highly trained staff
  • efficient access to care

Comprehensive Approach to Patient Care

Dr. Holbreich sees all patients personally for their initial and all followup visits. Based on the needs of the patient we provide complete diagnosistic and treatment services.

  • Pulmonary Function testing
  • allergy skin testing
  • food and drug challenges
  • vaccine testing and desentization
  • oral desentization to foods
  • subcutaneous allergy injection therapy (allergy shots)
  • sublingual immunotherapy ( allergy drops)

Patient Orientated Treatment Plans

  • shared decision making with the family or patient to put you in charge of your disease
  • comprehensive education
  • family oriented long term treatment plans: Living well with allergies and asthma
  • regard for cost, safety and efficacy of all treatment

Cost Effective Care

  • no unnecessary or costly testing
  • use the least amount of medications to control symptoms
  • use of generic medications when appropriate

What makes Mark Holbreich MD and His Staff Different

The staff working with Dr. Holbreich is friendly, patient orientented, child friendly and well trained. All medical support staff are registered nurses. Office visits are avilable for same day visits reducing emergency and after hours care. Dr. Holbreich is personally available after hours for all questions or concerns. State of the art testing and treatment for all aspects of allergy and asthma care. A patient oriented practice that has developed a reputation for excellence in all aspects of care. OUR CARE MAKES A DIFFERENCE